Week One – Marinated tuna steak

On my list of New Years Resolutions this year (my list this year was more like a book…I prefer to think of it as a new way of life, picking up new habits, a bit like when you join a slimming club and they tell you that no! This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle!) was to make more of an effort with cooking new things. Not particularly massive new things – just making an effort to actually cook the things I bookmark, bake the cakes from the magazine recipes I cut out, use the cook books I buy. Sometimes just finding the spare time to go ahead and do this can be an effort – a lot of the time by the time I’m home from work, cooking a meal from scratch is the last thing on my mind. 

Last week when I arranged to see my friend through the week I had been shopping that night and picked up some tuna. I regularly eat tuna from a can, I eat quite a lot of salmon, but that is pretty much as far as my fish quota goes. The Food Standards Agency recommend we eat two portions of fish a week, one of these being an oily fish. With this in mind I went looking to pick up some fresh tuna but because this was after work there was none left on the fresh fish counters in all three supermarkets I visited! In the final place the man on the counter looked on the fridge section for me but that too had sold out and in a last ditch attempt I checked the freezer. I picked up a box of two tuna steaks for only £3 and was a little dubious to what this would taste like. I freeze a hell of a lot of food, I know a lot of people are not fans of frozen food etc, but as a single gal living alone I would be lost without my freezer. Lots of things come in portions way too big for one person to use before it goes off, and freezing the leftovers – even so much as buying a bag of say 15 onions works out cheaper than buying a single one – is a godsend, not to mention buying already frozen fruit and veg can be a lot cheaper. I noticed in the latest Jamie Oliver show last year (Money Saving Meals) he really drilled the frozen message each week, and I picked up a lot of other freezable tips! 

Anyway, I digress! It’s been a long time since I actually ate tuna steak, I think the last time was on holiday. There is nothing better than a gorgeous fish dish, sitting outside at a restaurant, at the end of the day, the sun going down, the sea in the distance… One of my favourite holiday chilled out memories. The one thing I did remember was how dry it can be, so I knew I wanted to pair it with some sort of chilli marinade using any leftover chillies I had in. 




It turned out rather well; I did still find it a little dry, and I am so glad we decided on making the marinade because otherwise I don’t think it would have enjoyed it as much. Next time I think I will cook it a different way – I did this straight from frozen because I didn’t see the other option on the box, to let it defrost and then cook – saying that, next time I would actually like to get fresh and see what the difference is, if there is one at all. Is there? Next time I think I will also add more chilli, it wasn’t really as hot as I would have liked. BUT, for a first attempt, I was impressed at this, and it’s definitely joined the ranks of my monthly meals. 

Marinated tuna steak with rosemary roasted new potatoes  

– chillies, to your liking, I used 2 for this but as I mentioned above I would use more next time.

– 2 crushed garlic cloves

– bunch of coriander, again to your liking – I am a huge lover of coriander so it was a pretty big bunch! 

– extra virgin olive oil 

– sea salt to taste

Pound all the chilli, garlic and coriander together slugging in oil a bit at a time. Once you’re happy with the taste and consistency you have going on, add 3/4 of the mixture to your tuna steak. Wrapping your tuna in foil, pop it in the oven for around 20 – 30 minutes – my oven can be a bit slow, after about 20 minutes I unscrunched my foil and left it open and put it back in for 10 minutes of so. 

When you are happy that the tuna is cooked, remove it from the oven, serve on a bed of salad, and drizzle the remaining chilli marinade over. Season, and serve! 

Baked new potatoes 

Parboil new potatoes for around 15 minutes. 

Drizzle with a little olive oil, season with sea salt and ground black pepper, and place in a roasting tin with a couple of springs of rosemary leaves. 

Bake in the oven on gas mark 7 for roughly 25 minutes


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