Weekend in Whitby

Happy Monday!! I hope the start of the working week hasn’t been too horrific! I have to say I have found it pretty hard going to work today as I had such a lovely weekend in one of my favourite places. 

I have been going to Whitby every year for the last ten years or so, usually with my family, and every time apart from this in October. I have always loved the place, I would say it is my favourite place in the UK and I would love to own a flat there as a holiday home, or have one of the little cottages. A couple of years ago my good friend Sinead joined me and my parents, and then last year my family were busy so me and Sinead booked a gorgeous little place to stay here. Last week Sinead’s mum and partner asked if we would like to join them this weekend as they had booked somewhere that had room for us and we could not turn that down, especially when we realised we probably wouldn’t fit a Whitby trip in at the end of the year as we have other plans. 


Our room had a gorgeous view, and when we arrived it was so sunny, albeit very windy! We dropped our bags off and went for a drink.

ImageImageImageImageThe sun soon went back in and the wind picked up and then the rain came out, luckily we had finished looking at the shops we wanted to so we just made our way back to the house with a view to going back out later, but unfortunately the wind and rain were far too bad!! It sounded horrible so we decided to just jump in the car and stop at the takeaway for some chips and then stayed in watching Saturday night TV. 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLuckily the next day was back to being sunny but cold, so we wrapped up and went to take more pictures. We went for food in a really cute America diner called Jumpin’ Jacks. This is the third time I’ve been here now so I should have really been prepared for the size of the portions!!! Sinead ordered the all day breakfast and I opted for a grilled chicken sandwich with salad in a bun with curly fries. I do vaguely remember seeing the words ‘onion rings’ but kinda dismissed that….. 

ImageImageSafe to say I was MORTIFIED when I saw this coming out of the kitchen making its way towards me. I went bright red because I could hear the table opposite talking about it and staring. Once I took those humongous onion rings out it was just a normal burger bun with chicken in! It was gorgeous. Didn’t attempt those onion rings though, I was just too stuffed!



All in all I had an amazing time with Sinead and I’m very grateful her mum invited me along. 

Is Whitby a favourite place of yours? 

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