Week Seven – Mackerel and Quinoa Kale salad

What an absolutely horrid day! The weather is atrocious and I’m currently sat in bed with Kyla La Grange blasting out of my laptop loud to drown out the wind outside :(

Today was most definitely one of those times where I had planned tea but then by the end of the day, getting stuck in the freezing cold with a pounding headache and getting home absolutely soaked to find my windows all leaking and still having to pack for Ireland….I just wanted to go to the chip shop quite honestly.

Nevertheless I got on with all my jobs and made the tea I had planned, and just treated myself to a few strips of Galaxy bar, a can of Pepsi and the first episode of Beauty and the Beast season two. Jay Ryan anyone? Too. perfect.

This was my back up option for my weekly new meal if I hadn’t made the sweet potatoes last night, as I’ve never had quinoa before despite buying a huge pack last year. It’s sat in the cupboard without barely even a glance but I finally opened it tonight. I was a bit scared about messing up actually making it because making rice in a pan is not something I ever get right, so I didn’t expect to get this correct, but making the quinoa was easy. One mug of the quinoa and two mugs of boiling hot water. Lid on, just keep stirring every so often.

This is a really simple, easy to make salad, with the quinoa, mackerel, and kale all taking around 10 minutes to do (I used pre-cooked mackerel so it just wanted warming through).


Did I like it?Β I really don’t know. I just found the quinoa really…bland. Are you supposed to add flavourings to it when cooking it? I just don’t get it, but I didn’t hate it so I will experiment with it a few more times. I also massively underestimated just how much one mug would actually make so I now have enough for lunches for the rest of the week.

Kale is one of my favourite greens to eat, I love roasting it in the oven, and because I’m a bit of a salt freak, I use way more salt than I should. Lay your kale on a clean baking tray – I usually just go through the tray and take out any stalks first – and drizzle some olive oil over it, just a little, don’t go crazy. Then grind some rock salt over it, this is the part I would go crazy. Then just put in the oven for around 5 minutes depending on what else you have in the oven/how hot your oven is – you need to keep an eye on it because I think if it isn’t done long enough its just limp and more oily than salty, but if it’s done too much its burnt and just leaves that nasty eugh taste in your mouth – the amount of times I accidentally leave it in for a minute longer and it turns and its wasted >_<

Are you a kale fan? What’s your favourite way to eat it? and do you have any quinoa recommendations to help me realise why the world has gone crazy for it?

I feel like I need another picture on this post, but since I don’t have another of my food I’ll go for a picture of the highlight of my night instead:


Seriously, this show has me fangirling like a 15 year old. Are you a Beastie as I found out last night the fans call themselves?!

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