Dublin: Day One!


A few weekends ago I flew to Dublin with my very good friend Sinead for three days. I’ve never been before but I have always wanted to go, I used to tell everyone who listened that my life plan was to move to Ireland at 24 and meet an Irish man who I wanted to be called James because well James is just an all round nice name isn’t it. But I’m 27 and James-less and still living in Yorkshire so it seemed like a good time to make a weekend trip.

We got the early flight across so arrived at around 8 am and jumped on the bus into Dublin centre. We got the three day Dublin Pass which I cannot recommend enough – I like the whole touristy thing of open top buses, learning different things from different drivers.  We were very unprepared in terms of money, we had not got any euros changed over and only had about €20 between us and the currency places didn’t open until 930ish. We were in need of breakfast though so we ended up just eating at a small place that was open, and paid like €5 for a cooked breakfast which was surprisingly nice! After that we got out money changed over, and as we couldn’t check into our apartment until 3 we hopped straight back on the tour bus for a drive round.



When the bus stopped at the Kilmainham Gaol stop we were absolutely. freezing. and wet through. When we realised there wasn’t a huge que we decided to jump off. I am so glad we did! It was €6 for a ticket and I found it so interesting. It is amazing to think of it being a used jail, and all the history that has happened there, or things that have happened due to events happening there. I am also a bit of a Tudors geek and I found out a lot of films and programmes including a few Tudor scenes were filmed at the Gaol. When we left the que outside was massive and I know Sinead said every time she has been past before it has always been busy, but if you can manage to go I know you won’t regret it.


After the Gaol we did a bit of wandering round looking at the sights, going for a drink, went to Suprmacs!

After we’d checked into our apartment we unpacked, had an hours sleep, and got ready and went out. We went to Thunder Road Cafe on Temple Bar which we really enjoyed. It was pretty packed, being Saturday night, but we found ourselves a bit of a spot to sit and have a couple of cocktails which were lovely and only €4.95. Food wise we both got the same thing, quesadillas, and chips, and another cocktail. Halfway through our meal some of the staff stopped and got on the bar dancing and singing which was fun. It was very affordable and a cheap fun night. I think it came to around €25 for the whole thing. We didn’t stay out too long, we were so tired from all the activity in the day and having to be up at 4.00 am!


I’m doing this as a three day post as you may have guessed by the title because I have so many pictures to share! Are you a fan of Dublin? Have you been to the Gaol, or Thunder Road Cafe?

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One thought on “Dublin: Day One!

  1. I saw your pictures of Instagram and thought it looked like a great trip. I really fancy a girly trip away now!

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