Dublin: Day Three!

I know this is long overdue post now (over 2 months!) but I really wanted to do a post on our final day in Dublin!


It was a pretty dreary day so we planned to just check out of our apartment, have a last walk round taking tourist photos, head some place nice for food and finally go to the military museum.


We decided on Eddie Rockets for lunch, we cannot pass up the opportunity to try an American diner that we can’t get to over here! It had only really just opened so was pretty empty. We both chose Reeces Pieces Milkshakes, and Sinead opted for a quesidilla and home fries and I went for a classic burger and chips combo.


It came to less than 15 which I thought was pretty amazing. It was incredibly filling – I think picking a stodgy milkshake to go with an already filling meal was a bad move! It was all tasty though, but I don’t think I would class the burger as one of the best, it was a little too puny for my liking…the menu had so much choice though and I’d love to go again to try out some of the other things they offered.

As the Wax Museum was just around the corner and we had all day to fill we decided to call in there to get out of the rain.




After spending about an hour in there we jumped on the open top bus and braved the cold and drizzle to stay on for 3/4 of the trip, so about 45 minutes, just to get to the military museum. It was freezing!


As we were nearing the stop we needed the driver (luckily) said over the microphone that the museum was great but not open Mondays! We couldn’t believe it!!



We made the most of the rest of our journey, enjoyed the rest of the trip and jumped off at Trinity College to have a look around.


That is pretty much our day, + about 5 hours sat in Starbucks! I had an amazing time in Dublin with one of my best friends and I can’t wait to go back.

Before I went my main panic was that I had barely any money! I’ve got so much going on that money’s really tight at the moment and I was considering taking credit cards out before hand and everything. The total sum of our three days in Dublin? Around €160. No joke! Turns out you can do Dublin cheap. This wasn’t including the coach trip to the Cliffs, and the other activities we did were planned out so that we would know the cheapest/best things to do. I’d say Kilmainham Gaol was one of the best things we did, and when I return I would definitely wish to take part in another Irish Day Tours trip as the whole day long experience was amazing. 

Once again thank you to Sinead for any photos of hers that I pinched for these posts ;-) xxx

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