Cielo Blanco is a Mexican restaurant in Leeds Trinity, and a place that has been on my little list of food places I want to try for quite a while – I have heard a couple of mixed reviews but quite frankly it would have taken a lot to put me off, I just wanted to go to be able to take photographs of Mexican food on pretty tablecloths. I had arranged to meet my friend Sinead after work a couple of weeks ago, and the plan was to end the working week on a cheap and cheerful note as we were both skint – possibly Pho, and a couple of beers, not spending more than around £12. But the sun was shining and it certainly hadn’t been the best week for me due to some personal issues so we decided to just say YOLO and credit card a lovely meal and a good few drinks.

We turned up at Cielo Blanco at about 5.15pm on a gloriously sunny day and was offered a table on their balcony which was amazing, as we didn’t even know they had one. After ordering an ice cold beer we were given complimentary tortillas and a mini selection of salsas.



photo 1

I’d already had a look at the menu in the daytime and pretty much made my choices – we went for The Street Food Experience, which basically means picking 6 dishes (3 each) from a street food type of menu as opposed to picking a proper ‘main’ meal. This works out at £11.95 per person – and if there’s more than two of you, you just add another three and so on. The menu has five choices of Tacos/Tostadas/Quesadillas, and a couple of Empandas, Flautas, and market dishes. For my three choices I picked two tacos – the chicken tinga, coriander slaw and taco shop guac, and the spicy chipotle pork, onions and pickled red cabbage. I also picked a chorizo, potato and ranchera salad tostada. Sinead also picked the same tostada and chicken ting tacos but she went for a smoky chicken and roasted sweetcorn quesadilla for her third option. I also had to get some guacamole from the sides menu – how could I resist!

We kinda underestimated how much food this actually all entailed. I think we both thought for the price, and the fact that it was three things per person, there would be one or possible two of each thing, and when all the food started piling out we were  a bit shocked…shocked but excited to begin eating!! #fatgirlproblems

IMG_1530 photo 3

I’m beginning to think almost midnight on a Sunday night is the wrong time to be writing this, my mouth is watering looking back at these photos! Two tostadas each, four tacos each (so yes, that meant I had eight tacos…I’ll pretend I’m ashamed about this but I really wouldn’t change a thing). It was amazing. My least favourite was the chipotle pork taco, even though I read the words ‘chipotle pork’ for some reason my brain sees the word pork and translates it to ‘bbq pulled pork’ , they were still nice but I wouldn’t get them again. The chicken tinga tacos were delicious and the coriander slaw and guac were the perfect accompaniments. I’d say (and Sinead would agree) that the star of the show was the tostadas, something I’ve never had before and something that I have no idea how you are supposed to eat. I feel the same way about crunchy shell tacos, how do you eat them without a, the filling going all down yourself, or b, looking like an animal cramming it all in. I don’t know but I will continue to keep eating them to find out the perfect way…

Whilst after all that food we were pretty damn full, I had seen on twitter earlier in the day that they did churros! Another thing I have never tried, neither had Sinead, and we were adamant we were going to squeeze them in. Served with a little pot of vanilla ice cream, a little pot of hot dipping chocolate, there were six churros – I thought I would say how many there were as me and Sinead really didn’t know whether they were a sharing thing or a eat your own kind of dessert. Sinead thinks we could have shared but I’m not sure if I’d really want to be sharing that dipping chocolate and only having three…

photo (1) photo 2

Cielo Blanco also have a cocktail menu and being Friday and all we decided to end our meal with not just the churros but a drink – Sinead went for a Strawberry Daiquiri and I picked something I hadn’t tried before (there is a theme here I think) – Caipirinha De Tangerina which was suuupppeeerrr strong!!

In total the bill for us both came to £63 which was substantially more than we had anticipated spending – especially adding on another couple of beers at a nearby pub, but I do think it was worth it. The food was delicious and the only thing I would change on my next visit would be to not get the chipotle pork tacos. Sitting on the balcony was the icing on the cake, it was such a lovely evening, and it is worth noting that the staff were absolutely lovely as well.

All in all, I cannot wait to go back and visit again!

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