Monday Summary #1

Monday Summaries were something I used to do years ago on my old blog and I thought I would bring back the tradition! It is basically a little list of positive things I am loving, looking forward to, or have done lately, and a few links!  So without further ado…

1. Wicked

I went to see Wicked with my mum last weekend and it has taken a week to sink in for some reason how much I loved it. I am now obsessed, and spent all weekend and any time out of the office today listening to the soundtrack. I always get so jealous after going to the theatre, these people are so talented, I wish I could sing as good as them! Defying Gravity is now one of my favourite songs and well on it’s way to being on my top 25 most played. Currently switching between two different versions…this one, from the show itself (I believe this version is sung by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel) and this one, sung by Rachel Tucker (who played Elphaba in the show from 2010 to 2012), on an album she released last year. I love it!


2. Jawbone Up/Healthy eating/water!

I have been trying to make a concious effort to cut out the amount of fizzy pop I drink lately, and although I have lapsed many times (I don’t drink hot drinks and I find it so so hard to cut pop out completely…I tend to have a couple of good days and then I can’t resist the Lucozade!!) I have definitely it down an awful lot. I’m forever trying to find ways to make me drink at least 2 litres of water a day and I think I might have cracked it this time by taking my Disney cup to work and some cranberry juice…I had drunk 4 cups (2 ltrs) without even thinking about it today. I’m using a couple of apps to help me, mainly iDrated, My Fitness Pal and the UP app which syncs together with the Jawbone UP wristband. You basically leave the wristband on for around 10 days, it tracks every step you take, syncs with My Fitness Pal to show how many calories you use, and tracks your sleeping patterns. I’m quite in love with it and love seeing how many steps I’ve taken.

3. Blogging/Twitter

I am constantly going in and out of stages where I want to throw myself into Twitter or back into blogging. I’ve been reading lots of blogs lately – old ones in fact, from the very beginning. Blogging these days is so far away from what it was like when I first started years ago, so many people do it these days, people do it as a job, not just a hobby, the standard is so much higher! But reading these old blog posts has made me remember why I fell in love with it in the first place and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with this one.

4. Yorkshire! 

I’m sure it has not escaped anyones attention that the Tour de France was held this weekend and it was held in Yorkshire. I work in the centre of Leeds two minutes away from where the cyclists began the race and so many offices got into the spirit of things, decorating with bunting etc. We joined in the fun and also had a celebratory breakfast on Friday morning of croissants and bucks fizz, followed by French wines and cheese in the afternoon. It was a fun affair and has painted Yorkshire in a fabulous light! This article on Buzzfeed is brilliant.

PicMonkey Collage

Listening: Basically just the Wicked soundtrack and a song I saw Ed Sheeran playing at Glastonbury, Thinking Out Loud.

Watching: I had an Amazon Prime trial that ran out at the weekend, and a couple of days before I saw that they had series 1 and 2 of Vikings so I stayed in bed all Friday night and Saturday day getting myself up to date. I’ve also been catching up on Essie Button’s You Tube videos and getting a tad obsessed with the beauty that is Hannah Maggs.

Reading: I started reading The Postmistress a couple of weeks ago and I really need to throw myself back into this! Blog wise the ones I have been loving this week are Kelanjo and Lily Loves Lola.


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