Monday Summary #2

1. Sunshine! The summer has well and truly arrived, I just need to work on getting a sun tan now!

2. Winning the lottery! OK, not the jackpot, but £12.30 is better than nothing and more than I have won in a long long time!

3. Sticking with the money theme, I have been so good with my money this month. I worked everything out on pay day and paid all my bills on that day and have stuck to my budget each week – impressive for me!

4. Obsessively thinking about planning trips around Europe or America. This is something I have wanted to do for so many years and I put it off all the time but I would love nothing more than jumping on a plane and visiting all the amazing things around the world.



Listening: A week on and I am still obsessed with the Wicked soundtrack! I’ve really just had this on repeat constantly, I don’t have time for any other songs in my life! All I can think about is going to London to see the show on Broadway.

Watching: I spent the weekend finishing up series four of Modern Family. I started watching this show only this year and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It makes me laugh more than any other programme I can think of, it makes me cry, I just adore it. I’m currently watching series five as I type! I also finished the last three episodes of Game of Thrones. I was watching this every week but then I had taped the episode The Mountain and The Viper and planned to watch it the next night but when I went to bed and did my nightly check on social media all I saw was people talking about the fight. I couldn’t take not knowing what happened so I you tubed the last five minutes and oh. my. god. It absolutely traumatised me!! I am such a loser I genuinely felt like throwing up and I cried! and then I couldn’t stop thinking about it so didn’t get to sleep till around 2, and then it just basically put me off watching it again until this weekend. I feel so out of the loop with it all! My favourite character is Daenerys.

Reading: I have still not picked up my book, I instead have been reading travel sites obsessively and compiling a spreadsheet of places I want to go on holiday!



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