1. Family! It was my brothers 24th birthday on Saturday so all four of us went round to his, ate cake and I tried to educate my dad on the point of Catfish, then went to a local Italian for a lovely meal. I really feel like I don’t go out for enough ‘proper’ meals – I always wind up going to Nandos thinking it’s cheap and easy when it’s really not. So Saturday was very enjoyable! 

2 – Diet/weight loss: I hoped on the scales this morning and have lost another couple of pounds so that encouraged me to kick start my week right! I start work a little later on a Monday and Thursday so I got up early and did a two mile walk before work and then around a 1.5 mile walk after work, stuck to under my calories and drank so much water today. 

3 – Birthday plans! This week I really need to make some proper plans for my birthday which is now less than a month away. I’ve spent the night laid out writing ideas for easy but still amazing food to cook! How am I 28 already, I still feel 21 : (

4 – OK I have to throw in one from last week, being money! I have this week left and then it is pay day and I have been so good with my money I have to keep feeling smug about it. This is so unlike me and I am so proud of myself! 

5 – A rare number 5 from me today – flat hunting! Right Move is actually throwing up some good flats near me lately that I am booking in to have a viewing. Is it just me though that has palpitations when I think about having to move all my furniture from a top floor flat out and up to another top floor flat?! It makes me feel genuinely sick.

photo (6) photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

The birthday boy, the family, and the cake :) 

Listening: Mainly this week Disclosures album from about two years ago. Obsessed with the Help Me Lose My Mind track with London Grammar.

Watching: The only thing I’ve really been watching this week are Hannah Maggs and Zoella on You Tube.

Reading: I ended up going and buying lots of magazines last week – home magazines, cooking magazines, travel magazines! I don’t often buy these any more so I figured I could justify it :) 



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