King Prawn & Cod Tacos

I’ve been wanting to try fish tacos for a while now, and when I saw this recipe in a magazine I picked up a few months ago I kept it to one side. A couple of weeks ago my friend Lauren came for a girls night in, we cracked open a couple of bottles of wine and gave it a shot, and were both pretty impressed!


We also made a bowl of guacamole and we used our standard salsa recipe, not just for the tortilla chips we had, but for the actual filling in the tacos.


– Tomatoes – (around 6 if you are making extra salsa on the side, or 2 – 3 if just using this for the filling)

– 1 small red onion

– 1 red chillies

– bunch of coriander

– half a lime

– salt, to taste

For the paste

– 1 tblsp of olive oil

– 1 tsp of jerk powder

– small handful of chopped coriander

– 1/2 a finely chopped green chilli

– pinch of rock salt

– juice of 1/2 a lime

-2 fresh cod loins

-15 king prawns (already cooked)

-taco shells

– 1 bag of rice (we went for a bag of coconut, chilli & lemongrass steamed rice by Tildas)

-1 avocado

Mix all your ingredients for your paste together in a bowl, then add your cod loins to the mixture. Wrap the bowl in foil, and leave in the fridge for an hour.

While the fish is marinading, you can begin preparing your salsa. Simply finely chop your tomatoes, onion, chilli and coriander, mix together in a bowl, seasoning with rock salt and lime juice.  If you are having crisps, set some of the salsa to one side, and then roughly chop your prawns and add these to the salsa meant for the taco filling.

Pre heat the oven to gas mark 6. Make a sort of bag with silver foil, placing your cod in the middle of it. Scrunch the ends up so that none of the juice can escape while it’s cooking, and place in the oven. At around 15 minutes, add your tacos to the oven to warm through and put your rice in the microwave to cook, and once this is ready, everything should be ready to plate up.

Grab a taco shell, pop some rice at the bottom, add a little cod, some prawns & salsa and a piece of avocado, and if I could add emoticons onto this post I’d be using that one with the index finger and thumb together in the A OK sign!


I’m not the hugest fan of standard beef tacos so these were a refreshing change, and I also didn’t find them as heavy and filling. Perfect with a couple of beers to round the week off!

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