Hello and welcome to my new blog, Diary of a Sue Chef! You may be wondering why I have picked this name, when my real name is Carla… Sue is a nickname that I have within my family, for about 15 years my brother has called me Sue (I call him Frank), I cannot remember for the life of me where or why this came about! But as I want to blog about things that I cook, or want to cook, I thought a little play on ‘sous chef ‘ would be a fun place to start.

I had another blog for many years (over at http://www.girlwiththegoldentouch.blogspot.com) but I feel like that blog has run its course and the things I used to be interested in…well, I’m not anymore. I have considered lots of times over the past year or so whether to continue blogging there or start a fresh blog or even blog at all, and I have finally decided to take the plunge! 

This is mainly going to be a life blog, with quite a lot of food posts thrown in I hope. I made a lot of friends through my last blog, people that I couldn’t imagine life without now, so I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting some new bloggers through this one :)

Thank you for visiting!

Carla xo


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